up until about two years ago, i was never a cupcake person. i thought that the elaborate cupcake decors were really a waste of time, that they were all really just sugar, and no matter what the label claims, bakeries in the past really just used a plain vanilla cupcake base and add flavors/colors to the frosting. and the frosting were really oily, oily butter. ew.


and i don’t know why i was never into making cupcakes. i made muffins, i made mini cheesecakes – i could make cupcakes but i hardly ever did. i don’t know why. but perhaps it was all of the above reasons.


then came 12 cupcakes some three years ago in singapore. and my (soon-to-be) sister-in-law bought me some. and i think i slowly became a convert.


now, a year later, and especially after our london vacation, i crave cupcakes. real cupcakes. cupcakes made with real flavors – if the label reads ‘salted caramel cupcake with salted caramel frosting’, i better taste some salted caramel in the cake. and the cupcakes better not be decorated with lots of nicely carved marzipan dolls. just a simple little cupcake will do. with a good cream cheese frosting.

this morning i baked these peach bellini cupcakes.

IMG_4430 IMG_4431


technically they are not really peach bellini cupcakes since i couldn’t find peach schnapps anywhere here. so i substituted with peach vodka. i know, completely different. but still, they got the peach flavor in there. since this is no longer the peach season now, i couldn’t find a good, nice yellow peach. so i used white peach. i’m pretty sure though, the results will be different if i’d used the yellow variety.

there is really only one good peach bellini cupcake recipe, and that’s here. i actually like how this cupcake was meant for a bridal shower. it is actually really appropriate for wedding stuff. so if you’re the bellini type of girl at a bar and you’re getting married soon, consider having peach bellini cupcakes for your wedding. ;)


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